Private Fees

                      Private Price List: from January 2020

Diagnosis and prevention Price
New Patient Examination (including full treatment plan, quotation) excluding radiographs £25.50
Recall Examination £16.00
Radiographs: standard size x-ray £5.00
Radiographs: OPG Panoral x-ray: external referral
may be required
Emergency Appointment one off fee £33.00
Written Prescription £11.00
Oral Hygiene Price
Hygiene appointment – 20 minute session £26.00
Fissure sealant preventive restoration: cost per tooth £10.50
Fillings: Fee is dependent on size of filling and tooth to be treated Price
Amalgam filling from £40.00
Composite (White) filling from £50.00
Glass Ionomer (White) filling from £45.00
Endodontics Price
Incisor £120.00
Pre molar £160.00
Molar: 3 canals £190.00
Extractions Price
Tooth Extraction £35.00
Surgical Tooth Extraction £90.00
Treatment of dry socket £21.00
Crowns: Fee is dependent on material and finish Price from
Porcelain Bonded Crown £290.00
Metal Free porcelain/ ceramic Crown from £380.00
Gold Crown (prices may vary due to precious metal prices) request
Bridges: Fee is dependent on material and finish Price from
Quote depending on type and material (prices per tooth or unit) £400.00
Quote depending on type and material (prices per 3 unit bridge) £950.00
Veneers Price from
Quote depending on type and material (prices per veneer) £350.00
Dentures: Per arch Price from
Acrylic Denture £230.00
Chrome Cobalt Denture £550.00
Tooth whitening: available on prescription from a dentist Price from
Professional Tooth Whitening – at home system £199.00
4x Whitening Gel top up syringes – on prescription from a Dentist £50.00
Implants Price from
Implant Initial consultation fee – 15 Minute appointment £0.00
Implant placement & crown £1900
Miscellaneous Price from
Sports guard – Additional cost for bespoke colours/design may be applicable £65.00
Anti-clenching/grinding appliance £65.00

We require a deposit for any other private treatment. This fee is to be agreed with the dentist.

If you are unable to attend an appointment we need a minimum of 24 hours’ notice.

If you miss or late cancel your appointment, you will be charged at £1.00 per minute for the duration of the appointment missed. This fee will be deducted from your deposit.

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